"Our babies depend on us to protect them. They are our future!"

AMH Maternity UNIT (Unit 400) provides top quality maternity care through obstetricians and our midwives.

Track Record

Our delivery suite sees the delivery of, on average, 700 babies per year. 49% of our deliveries are done via Caesarean Section. The ward is midwife-supervised and our Mothers-to-be are relieved to find the environment not only courteous and friendly but also one that is nurturing. The Maternity Unit has enjoyed a 99% satisfaction grade for several years now, with our patients outlining that their expectations have been met and in many instances surpassed.


Unit 400 is a 12-Bed unit with private and semi-private postnatal accommodation:

  • Private Rooms - One patient per room with private bathroom facilities
  • Semi-private Rooms - Two patients per room with shared bathroom facilities.